We take responsibility

Each one of us should take responsibility for our environment and our planet. With COMBWALL® you will contribute to this with a sustainable facade solution for your building. Our product is produced from renewable and recyclable materials. Thus leads to a sustainable save of energy for many decades. In addition, less CO2-emissions and less resource consumption will help all of us. With COMBWALL® you will set a sigh for protecting Mother Earth.


Ecological building materials.

The COMBWALL® consist of wood, cellulose, glass and aluminium.

All substances that can be ecologically re-utilised, or recycled. Thus valuable raw materials can be saved.

There is no impact on the environment.

This is how sustainability works. Doubled life cycle.

COMBWALL® facades will greatly extend the life cycle of your property.

This means, that the expenses for manufacturing and recycling can be halved in comparison to other solutions.

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