Dry and mould-free.
No maintenance, no servicing.
Simple, fast and precise.

“Simpleness is the consequence maturity.” – Friedrich Schiller
COMBWALL® is the result of a perfect interplay between simple physics and sophisticated design.
Simple good systems are sustainable, cost-effective and self-adjusting. This is very simple.


Dry and mould-free.

COMBWALL® event corrects construction defects. Because our innovative facade system is always warmer than the environment and thus remains dry in every situation.

The honeycomb acts as a moisture buffer. As a result, the excess moisture is emitted by the ventilation. What remains dry, remains free of mould and algae.

No maintenance. No servicing.

A big advantage of the glass-/aluminium facade of COMBWALL® is the automatic natural cleaning by rain.

There are no signs of dilapidation and ageing. Its insulation properties are preserved permanently. No additional sun shade units are required. In short, a weather-resistant system which is maintenance-free and does not require any special care.


Simple, fast and precise.

COMBWALL® will be industrially prefabricated with pre-assembled windows and is installed to the building in one working step.

The industrially prefabricated elements offer various advantages: the extremely reduced construction period saves time and money. The residents can stay in their apartments and will be hardly affected during the installation period. Highest quality of the construction process is ensured.

The technical values

  • Connector.

    Maximum panel dimensions:

    length x width= 3000 x 1250 [mm]

  • Connector.

    fire protection:

    class B (until max. 25m building height)

  • Connector.

    thermal values:

    panel thickness: 85 [mm]
    λ-value: 0089 [W/mk]
    g-value panel: 0,20 – 0,23 according to colour

  • Connector.

    thermal calculation:

    input: as a window with U- and g-value
    U-total wall: results from wall structure.
    g-total wall: Utotal wall / Upanel x gpanel

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