The building envelope of tomorrow.

COMBWALL is a glass facade with an innovative honeycomb technology.

COMBWALL® is a zero energy facade. As an innovative form of solar honeycomb glass facade COMBWALL® combines a modern, individually colour-adjustable appearance with unique energetic and ecological properties. COMBWALL® is the safest, most long-lasting and cost-effective building envelope solution for your property.


  • Connector.

    glass pane

    The outer skin is transparent and protects the honeycomb.

  • Connector.

    air gap

    By the ventilation moisture is released to the outside.

  • Connector.


    The honeycomb which is available in any colour is the solar heat buffer.

  • Connector.

    support wall

    The support wall consists of wood and rock wool which will be delivered as prefabricated wall units.

The COMBWALL effect.

The COMBWALL® principle is the buffer zone formed by the air cushion inside the honeycomb. Incidental sunlight is converted into heat there. The facade constantly remains dry and warm Heat losses and thermal bridges are things of the past. In summer the honeycomb shades itself by the high position of the sun. In his manner, overheating is avoided.

Intelligent honeycomb.
Air and light.


Use the power of the sun.

With COMBWALL® you must not isolate your building from the environment, but use the free radiation energy of the sun.

The radiation of the sun forms a heat cushion on the external wall in order to create a temperature equalization between the interior and the external climate. An intelligent symbiosis of sunlight and building envelope.

Optimised insulation.

COMBWALL® is a facade panel which will transform a conventional building to a zero energy building thanks to its excellent insulation performance. It can be used for new buildings as well as for refurbishments.


Make the world a bit brighter.

Whether new build or renovation: COMBWALL® gives your building a new look.

Because the honeycomb is available in all colours. By the individual colouring a building with an inimitable appearance will be created. The depth effect and vibrancy of the honeycomb make a significant contribution to it.

One solution for each future.

For certain: COMBWALL® is the ideal solution for a fast and high-quality building refurbishment. Your property will not only become an upgrade, but rather will be given a second life.

Even in new construction. COMBWALL® shows its strengths. With our innovative facade system, you will set a standard for energy-optimised sustainable overall solutions that still will be top quality in 20 years’ time.


Excellent quality.

Excellent quality. For COMBWALL® the natural raw material wood is used primarily. Experience, performance and precision are essential for a high-quality product. The basis for this are our first-class staff and technically high developed machines. Our production location is certified according to FCS, PFEFC and ISO 9001.

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