We simplify your building.

“All great things are simple.” – Winston Churchill
With COMBWALL® you will require less complicated building services and less wall thickness. This results in an increased usable area to make your building more profitable. And the extra comfort makes your tenants happier.
COMBWALL® – an investment bound to pay off!


This is economical.

By reducing the energy consumption of the building an appreciable saving of the heating costs is made in this made.

The creation of living space increases profitability of your property. Hence, you will have no building vacancy and maintenance costs belong to the past, because the facade is weather-resistance and maintenance-free. The constant warming keeps your building dry, thereby the entire life cycle of your property increases.

Added. Value.

Do you wish to renovate your existing building? With COMBWALL® you can achieve much more. You will transfer (or transform) it into a new era.

The value of the property will rise, also the return will increase. Highest energy efficiency becomes reality. A sure return on investment is certain to you. All in all, facades with COMBWALL® are a worthy investment in more ways than one. This provides you with a really profitable building solution.

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